FASHION // 30/08/2013, 03:17h

Fidelity by Gerald & Stewart - The Original

Fidelity Sportswear was established in Boston, Massachusetts in 1941 in a small loft in a 4 story building. The present owners, Gerald and Stewart Webber , trace their involvement back to the late 60’s where their father Edward, a partner in the company, had them working in the factory during their early teenage years. It was during these early years that both Gerald and Stewart learned the manufacturing of outerwear through the entire process, from cutting of a garment to the shipping of a finished product. Both brothers currently remain active in all areas of the company and if you have a opportunity to visit the factory in the United States, it would not be uncommon to see either of them in the factory, discussing stitching or cutting of a particular garment with factory personnel.

fidelity ba gerald and stewart

From the original 3500 sq ft loft area in Boston, Fidelity  has made a few moves to increase space, and currently has an 85,000 sq ft building in the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts where they have been for over 30 years. Under this one roof, all the manufacturing, from receipt of raw materials, cutting of fabric, stitching, pressing, and inspection, through shipping worldwide is accomplished.

Even with this growth, the “family business” is directed by both Gerald and Stewart , who are involved in all aspects of the business in a hands on  manner. 

As the company has grown, the offerings of products for men and women have grown where now Fidelity has increased its line to include Navy inspired Pea Coats and Bridge Coats as well as the fashion collection of Gerald and Stewart that contains Duffel Coats, Capes, adaptation of Pea Coats, CPO shirts and many other styles which contain either military inspired trim (buttons with anchors, special buckles, etc) or classic details that enhance the original nature of the garment. 

Wool is the primary outer shell in our fall garment collection and is purchased in North America from specialty Wool Melton producers such as Woolrich and Victor Woolen Mills. All of these points have allowed the employees of Fidelity to produce classic American outerwear.

Fidelity by Gerald & Stewart

The Gerald and Stewart collection of outerwear garment’s, is inspired by the tradition and nostalgia of an earlier period when pride in ones workmanship was woven into their profession.  Their iconic roots are found in the Naval inspired details of the past with much of the trim and buttons Gerald and Stewart use today being the same quality and style that have been sewn for over the past 70 years in their American factory.  The outerwear you are viewing today takes this pride of craftsmanship of a previous era to the fit of the 21st  century. 

Under the watchful supervision of Gerald and Stewart , all phases of the design and production of each garment, is carefully monitored.  Using only the finest raw materials, combined with the pride of our American workers, insures you of a garment that will last the test of time and will make you feel confident in knowing that your selection is well-made and only available in a limited number of exclusive stores throughout the world.