History in the making...


A very important year for Gerry and Steve. Trends come and go very fast nowadays. The year of the worldwide economy crisis was the right time to say "LET'S DO IT." Expansion is always a good thing when everyone speaks about going down. So they sent out their longtime friend and die-hard rocker / biker, Herb, to open a SUN/SET/STAR store in Berlin, Germany. But that wasn't enough. They brought in even more new brands and expanded their headquarter in Graz to open up an advanced SUN/SET/STAR shop in October 2009. Oh yeah... and Gerry bought a house and got a new cat...


The year of renewal. New goals. The next step had to be taken. But Gerry needed a new partner on his side. And soon one was found. Steve, well known in Graz for his style and his handsomeness as well as his easy-going attitude would fit in perfectly. Together they started to bring in new brands (Edwin Denim, Dickies, Merc etc.) but tried not to forget the roots of SUN/SET/STAR.


In 2007 everything was growing at a comfy level. The shops in Graz and Budapest developed well and Gerry and Gazzy also started their very own wholesale departement for Heartbreaker Fashion, USA. But at the end of the year Gerry and Gazzy decided to end their business relationship. Gazzy went out of the fashion business and focused on other things. They achieved a lot together and ended their business relationship without any discrepancies. It started on the basis of friendship and ended like that. Gerry moved on alone and led SUN/SET/STAR savely into 2008.


The years of expansion. Through the Hungarian Rock'n'Roll heroes Mystery Gang, Gerry and Gazzy got to know new franchise partners to open SUN/SET/STAR Budapest in August 2005. Not bad for two dedicated Rockers. The Headquarter in Graz also began doing much better than expected. It was also one of the highlights in the history of SUN/SET/STAR when in the year 2004 the french film company Gaumont Pictures called us to order Hawaii-Shirts for the movie "L' Empire Des Loups" with Jean Reno, french movie star, as leading actor. 2005 the movie was in all cinemas all over europe and our story was a headline event in our country.


In 2004 SUN/SET/STAR was ready to improve itself. Therefore, a bigger salesfloor was badly needed. They also started to organise more shows and events in Graz. SunsetStar soon was well known for quality Rock'n'Roll concerts and parties. They also started to spread their network on an international level. They went to European business events and came home with new brands and trends to satisfy their customers at home.


If you don ' t go forward, you go backwards . 2003 was the right year to take the next step. A new shop location was badly needed and soon found. In July 2003 the new SUN/SET/STAR shop opened its doors @ Reitschlugasse 27 in Graz. The opening party was one of a kind and the after show party even wilder. SUN/SET/STAR also started to do local shows for bands like Strike Anwhere, Kings of Nuthing, Red Lights Flash or Mystery Gang, just to name a few. This was the starting signal fort the next level. Soon they became a householdname for young urban lifestyle fashion in Austria. First Austria, then the world...the story continues....


In 2002 things started to take on a more solid shape. SUN/SET/STAR became the hangout and meeting point of the local Rock'n' Roll scene. People liked the whole concept and started spreading the word. One person would tell ten people and ten people would tell one hundred people. Suddenly even people from Vienna and other parts of Austria started to visit Graz on weekends to buy their outfits from SUN/SET/STAR, small but unique shop. At the time, he also started his SUN/SET/STAR online shop, open 24 hours a day. But something was missing. There was no place in Graz to get Rock'n'Roll, Punk or Hardcore records. So it was absolutely essential to add a record section to the shop, which drew even more attention.


Customers like and appreciate the story and work ethic behind SunsetStar. It all started in 2001 straight out of the local Punk Rock Scene. Gerry, former drummer of the Austrian Hardcore Punk Band Bounz The Ball and his mate Gazzy thought it might be great to have a lifestyle fashion shop in their hometown, Graz , Austria. The idea was simple: "Let's bring subcultural lifestyle fashion and trends straight to our customers." The first SUN/SET/STAR shop opened its doors in December 2001 on Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Kai in Graz focussing on Rockabilly fashion and lifestyle. This first location became the preferred hangout for Gerry's Hardcore and Punk Rock friends. Very D.I.Y., Gerry and Gazzy started their own story. SUN/SET/STAR was born.