ACTION // 25/08/2010, 09:10h

Dear Customers!

Hope all of you are doin' fine. Here @ SUN/SET/STAR Graz everything is ok.

Last week our friends in Strike Anywhere passed by @ SUN/SET/STAR Graz and did an in-store acoustic session. And you all know...Strike Anywhere is more than a band, Strike Anywhere is a movement, sound and a force. Formed in 1999 in Richmond, Strike Anywhere has defied categorization and broke down walls of what it is to be punk.

So a big Thank You goes out to Thomas, Smith, Garth, Eric and Mark for passing by and making this very special event possible. Also Thanks to Tom 20 (Best Punk FOH Tech in the world) and Peter (Music House Crew). We owe you a lot!

Just to let you know....the show @ the Music House in Graz later that day was unbelievable good. Those guys know how to rock and the crowd was one of a kind. What a stunning evening!!!

C. Sunset

MEDIA // 25/08/2010, 09:10h

This zine is about the spirit of SunsetStar, about things we like and stand for. It's simply about the passion in fashion and music which has been motivating us since years. It's a collection of thoughts, interviews and stories. Each issue will keep you updated about our latest activities. For the first edition we introduce you to the history of Sunsetstar. How did we start? Where do we come from? And of course, there's a lot about the brands we present and the artists we love. It's more than just a simple zine, so get to know the passion that keeps us going. Welcome to our world, Your Sunsets.

ACTION // 12/05/2010, 09:10h
ACTION // 11/05/2010, 09:10h

Thanks to all the people who showed up last saturday to check out the great Donots doing an in-store acoustic set @ SunsetStar Graz. We really appreciate it!

Needless to say that we had a great time. The Donots are really down to the earth people and a great band. They re doing the band since 16 years. Check them out and support them by ordering their brand new record "The long way home".

Link to the video: Donots in-store @ SUN/SET/STAR

Whats next? Loads of new stuff coming in....Merc, Edwin, Brixton, Lucky Thirteen, Yumi, Cheap Monday and Tres Noir. Just keep on visiting our webshop  and online ressources to get the latest news.