FASHION // 19/01/2012, 04:00h

This collection is mainly inspired by individuals living their lives in Edwin Jeans and by authentic vintage pieces, sourced over time; a conscious juxtaposition of influences from decades gone by - Edwin eats, sleeps and breathes culture through the design process.
The true spirit of Edwin Jeans is created by the person living in them, making everyday count with yesterdays memories etched into the rich indigo fabric, in the knowledge that tomorrow’s good times are still to be created...

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FASHION // 21/09/2011, 04:00h

Following the Second World War, the American occupation forces remaining in Japan helped to introduce denim ‘jeans’ culture, which would become a global cultural phenomenon.

In 1947, Tsunemi Yonehachi Shoten was established as a U.S Military Surplus clothing store in the Nippori district of Tokyo. The store was a family business, and was to be the starting point for the EDWIN  brand, as we know it today.

After many years of dedication to the Tsunemi Yonechi Shoten business, Shuji Tsunemi, the son of the founders was passed ownership in 1961. Mr Tsunemi, had an acute understanding for the power of denim culture, and the potential it represented, having spent some years studying in California.

He recognised the opportunity for importing used, five pocket denims from the U.S. and that year the Tokyo store changed its name to EDWIN (using the letters from the word DENIM, and flipping the M to a W) and quickly became the specialist in reconditioned second hand denims.

Edwin Jeans  is proud to release the 2011 Fall/Winter collection  and celebrate the 50th year of premium quality jeans manufacture, utilising many exclusively developed fabrics both in Japan and Europe.

FASHION // 14/03/2011, 02:25h

Introducing the "Edwin Miss SEN Selvage Rinsed" after 18 months of wearing (almost daily) and 3 full washes.
This piece of japanese denim is probably the most stunning women's skinny/slim fit...


Edwin Miss SEN

FASHION // 2/02/2011, 03:00h

This year will see yet more evelopments in wash techniques, including the 'Origins' Project and 'Inkmax', which is a completely new approach to creating aged denim.
EDWIN  is an authentic Japanese denim brand priding itself on innovation and craftsmanship, utilising exclusive fabrics and fabrication, unique technology, hand wash processes and continual progression in design and fit.
EDWIN jeans , proudly manufacturing to the highest quality as standard.

All of the following photographs were taken in London where we were lucky enough to be invited to friends homes or places they felt were important to them.
The photographs were not retouched, leaving the imperfections of life and dust present.
The Sun shon, then hid behind clouds, Spring showers would open up on us and finally the Sun would shine again. In essence a true representation of a Spring-Summer season and capturing images of real people in their City.