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Dickies 1922 - Heritage Collection

Celebrating Dickies as the Definitive Workwear brand through authentic replica products manufactured exactly the sameas when they were first introduced to the market over the past century. Crafted and executed to the most minute historic detail, the limited edition pieces of the Heritage Collection are the true roots of American Work Wear and Dickies 1922.

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Using the vintage shirt and pant, and a master pattern maker who specializes in vintage garments, they are recreating historically correct patterns.

Dickies 1922 - Heritage Collection

Just as they were in 1936, these garments are cut out of the official  selvage edged 8.2 Twill Type I Cramerton Army Cloth; developed and made of high count 2-ply yarns, dyed with the fastest dyes known and  preshrunk for a premium finish. The Cramerton cloth name is found in Dickies‘ oldest Line Lists in lot  “783” Dickies Colorfast Pants, and Dickies Colorfast Shirt lot “83”.

Major Stuart Cramer, a West Point graduate and professional army man, retired from the service and became president and chief operating officer of Cramerton Mills in the early thirties.  “These old Quartermaster specifications are left over from the Civil War,” he said, “or else they were written by a second hand pants dealer from Philadelphia!  I wore shoddy on the Mexican border chasing Pancho and I wore shoddy in bloody France.  If I do nothing else for my country, I’m going to see that the military men get quality goods on their bodies and that the taxpayers get quality for military dollars.” He had earlier developed the famous Cramerton Army Twill, a specialty of his mill, and a very good combed cotton fabric that became army standard for hot-weather wear.  Bit by bit, with a team of expert yarn men, he insured that specifications for military wear were quality cotton yarns, bought at the regular market price.

All garments made in Uvalde, Texas - 100% Cotton Fabrics - Vintage styling.

Shirts: “Dickies Uniform shirts are cut over a modified for fit pattern and they fit perfectly without too much unnecessary cloth at the waist.  Full cut patterns.”

Pants: “The patterns are full cut with plenty of room where it is needed over the hips and the thigh.”   

[Fit descriptions from 1936]