DENIM // 19/09/2012, 06:07h

Eat Dust Clothing

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­EAT DUST is a new brand based in Antwerp, Belgium started by Rob and Keith both hailing from the skateboarding and punk rock scene. These two custom motorcycle fanatics know what they are doing, having more fashion industry experience than most of us and passion for what they have been involved in for over twenty years. That should define authenticity. True talent turn into reality: EAT DUST CLOTHING  is about comfort, quality and style without being fashionable.

Eat Dust Clothing

The story behind EAT DUST based on an interview from „The Reference Council“ by Steven Vogel. Here we go:

ROB   started getting into skateboards by the time he was eight. He worked at a skateboard shop at the end of the 70s in the south of Holland. In the late 80s he was picked up by Diesel „through a variety of really odd coincidences“ and was hired by them to sell in Austria, Switzerland and Holland. After getting a job with Diesel in New York doing their visual merchandising he was asked to work with Andrea Rosso to set up 55DSL. After some time he decided to move to SF and started importing vintage furniture from Belgium to the US. That led to a great connection at Levi’s in SF which ended up in Rob setting up a small flagship store in Nolita, New York. After that he was able to re-design the Levi’s flagship stores in SF, Chicago and Seattle. Back to Europe, he started working at Eastpack for their apparel line. This is where Rob met Keith who was working at LEE. They started hanging out together and decided that they have to do their own thing.

KEITH  also started with skateboarding. He worked building and welding bicycle frames for a Belgian company. He quit school when I was 18 and went back to school at 20 to do his degree and applied to the Design Academy. It was a little weird for him because he was never part of the „Fashion Scene“. A year after college he got a designer job offered by G-Star what he did for 18 months. Then LEE called him, which was great for Keith, because he could move back to Belgium, and that was where he met Rob. During this time Rob and Keith started riding and customizing vintage Harley’s out of which the idea of EAT DUST was born.

What is EAT DUST for you guys, what’s the inspiration?

ROB : „For me, it was a mixture of being to Japan several times and seeing their mix of these two seemingly opposite lifestyle’s, bike customizing and fashion.“

KEITH : „And a love of denim, I mean, for as long as the two of us have been working, we have been surrounded by denim.“

A Belgian company that is in their 3rd generation of clothing production is who makes their entire EAT DUST CLOTHING collection. Up until the 80s they were making product for brands like LEE. The denim is – as you can imagine – from Japan (Korabe).

You can find at SUN/SET/STAR the „Eat Dust Fit 673 Jacket “, the outstanding „Eat Dust Fit 763 Vest “, the old style „Eat Dust Fit 67 Jeans “ and the limited „BLOODLINE “ edition … more to follow - enjoy!