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Hair Pomade

Pomade  – hairstyle since the 16th century.

The English word pomade, as it is in use today, derives from French pommade which means „an ointment“. It arose from Latin pomum (fruit, apple) and Italian pomata (pomo = apple) because the original ointment recipe contained mashed apples.
Hair pomade history reveals its wide application through the ages, while hair pomade definition remains the same.
Hair Pomade is one of the most versatile of all hair styling products. It differs from gel and hairspray in that it does not dry, leaving the hair with a shiny, wet look or even a beamless look (Sportin' Waves Maximum Hold Pomade  for shorter hair and strong hold or Murray's Beeswax  for longer hair), in consequence of the versatile product range.
In the 1950’s the use of a great deal of pomade led to many young men being called “greasers” because they used so much pomade to hold their hair in place.

There are hundreds of different products available on the market. They have differing amounts of oil, usually petroleum jelly, beeswax, and additives to provide scent. For stiffer hold, products with a higher wax content are better (e.g. DAX Wave and Groom , Murray’s Pomade  or Nu Nile Pomade ). For more shine and less stiffness, products that contain more oil or grease and less wax are best (Black & White , DAX Short and Neat , Sweet Georgia Brown Red , Murray’s Hairglo Pomade ). There is a complete range in between, so choosing a hair pomade will depend greatly on the style chosen.
Hair pomade history shows that the potent effect of hair pomade usage has been commonly appreciated through the years. While the essence of hair pomade remained the same, its numerous advantages, which were accumulated during centuries of development, have greatly contributed to its universal popularity.
Pomade as „heritage site“: Through hair pomade history hair pomade application rules have not changed.
Those who have discovered for themselves the advantages of hair pomade will tell you that it is a valuable source of assistance while attributing the desired shape to difficult hair.
To give you a touch on hair pomade definition as a styling product, it is sufficient to say hair pomade is a kind of styling wax which is characterized mostly by light texture. It is generally applied to render definition to short to medium hair. Hair pomade could also be applicable when it comes to long hair. Through the entire hair pomade history its main function was to keep the hair straight. But the additional important function of hair pomade is nourishing and conditioning the hair.

"In the United States countless articles and goods are manufactured to promote your comfort. If those things that are fairly offered to your comfort or peace are worthy they live. If not, they die. The Murray's Superior Products Company's cosmetics have outlived a score of big names that blazed high for a while and died quickly."
C.D. Murray, 1947 (Founder of Murray’s )