DENIM // 5/11/2012, 04:26h

Naked and Famous Denim FALL/WINTER 2012 - Available

This is what you can expect for this Fall and Winter from our probably most innovative jeans dealers Naked & Famous Denim . Here we go:

Weird Guy Red Core Selvedge

INDIGO JEANS THAT FADE TO RED! Another outstanding innovation by Naked and Famous Denim : The "Red Core" is a 14oz selvedge made with red weft yarns overdyed in indigo which creates an indigo jean that will fade to red: first the yarns are dyed in a permanent red thyrene dye, then after they dry, they are rope-dyed in indigo. Plus: even the leather patch is painted indigo and will fade to red with wear + wash.

Weird Guy Selvedge Chino Khaki

5 pocket selvedge chino with red line selvedge. Great colour and a smooth texture which makes it very comfortable. We are already carrying the well known Weird Guy Selvedge Chino Beige  and for this Fall/Winter season Naked and Famous Denim introduces the "Khaki Green" slevedge chino which is the same 12oz fabric as used on the beige version, except in khaki, and it is an even more beautiful color in person.

Weird Guy Dirty Fade Selvedge

The rope-dying process used in Japan allows the core of the warp yarns to remain undyed. Normally, the core is white but for this jean, in this case a brown/beige yarn is used for this piece of Naked and Famous Denim. Once fading starts to occur, the "dirty" fade will start to appear as the brown yarns begin to show through. 14,5oz fabric!

Weird Guy Soft Finish Selvedge

Super soft hand feel but still raw! It’s a new fabric with only 12oz that has a smooth surface and texture but will still have the crazy electric blue fading ...

Skinny Guy Indigo Sashiko  

Same fabric as is used to make judo outfits!

Slim Guy Indigo Corduroy

10oz corduroy fabric dyed in indigo and will fade like denim jeans!

Slim Shirt  Quilted Doubleface

The one and only Slim Shirt by Naked and Famous Denim in quilted doubleface fabric with a colorul stripey lining. Simply stunning!

As you might already know: Every pair of Naked & Famous Jeans  are proudly and ethically Made in Canada.