DENIM // 7/10/2013, 12:46h

Naked and Famous Denim FALL/WINTER 2013

Once again, Naked & Famous has put out yet another fantastic lineup packed full with their - in the truest meaning of the word - creativity. Expect as usual rare and raw Japanese Denim!

Naked and Famous Denim

... is definitely one of the most outstanding and innovative denim brands there are today. They have taken the age old tradition of making raw and selvedge denim to another level through their unique designs and fits. Their Fall/Winter 2013 collection is no exception.

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Okayama Spirit.  This premium 16oz unsanforized denim comes in a beautiful slubby indigo made with the finest materials from Okayama, Japan. According to Brandon, it is the "best fabric he ever encountered in 6 years of travelling to Japan ".

„Incredibly slubby, dangerously low tension and unsanforized, the OKAYAMA SPIRIT is without any doubt one of the most beautiful fabbric Naked and Famous Denim has worked with“

In the footsteps of the legend and lore of denim from Okayama, Japan, this line of denim from Naked and Famous  is made from a 16oz raw selvedge unsanforized cotton. The fabric features an uneven slub yarn construction that creates a truly unique texture. By conducting the weaving at a very low tension, the visible “hand-woven” look is achieved. The great-looking fades that slub denim can produce is well known. It is produced by a small studio mill in Okayama that specializes in unique and artisanal denim. As they’re unsanforized, the brand notes that the denim will shrink about one full size after washing - potential buyer should most likely size up. Also worth mentioning is the 10oz. natural vegetable leather patch, an exposed selvedge coin pocket, and logo buttons. It’s available in the NEW Slim Guy  fit.

Arctic Selvedge.  Made from a mixed grey warp and charcoal weft, this 13oz denim has a unique ashy look. This fabric was designed to look like a knit: the denim almost appears to be like a mixed grey hoodie fabric! A heather grey warp yarn and a charcoal melange weft yarn creates this unique appearance and texture. The resulting shades of grey and white in the denim reminds of the beautiful arctic landscape so it is named ... Arctic Selvedge denim. Available in Weird Guy .

Jade Selvedge.  "This denim is especially unique because of it's unusual and beautiful color. In order to achieve this dark Jade shade of blue, we start with a natural brown cotton warp yarn instead of the much more common bleached white yarn. Then we use a blue-green dye over that brown cotton to get the unique color you see here. Simply using a Jade  color dye over a standard white yarn will never acheive this unique shade. Enjoy!" This denim comes in a 13oz fabric with contrasting beige stitching and is one of our favorites of the current collection! The beautiful shade is completed with custom engraved hardware with Naked & Famous logos and a 1/4" thick American Bison leather patch! Available in Weird Guy .

A long expected new color option is available in the widely-popular Naked & Famous chinos:

Black Selvedge Chino.  Like their denim, these 12oz chinos are made entirely from Japanese materials and assembled in Canada. They feature the standard 5 pocket design with a button fly closure, and are a great alternative to denim with a smooth texture which makes it very comfortable. The black version of the chino has custom rivets with a Canada Maple leaf engraved. Available in Weird Guy .

Last but not least have a closer look at Naked and Famous Denim's shirts !

The very slim fit with back darting and narrow sleeves Slim Shirts are available in  2 fabrics:  Paisley Jaquard   and Dobby Cloth „+“ Navy

The slim/straight fit, slim silhouette overall, but not too skinny with no back darting Regular Shirts are available in  Soft Herringbone Burgundy   and Brushed Native Brown

In Case you don’t know: Every pair of Naked & Famous Jeans , as well as the shirts, are proudly and ethically Made in Canada from imported Japanese fabric.