DENIM // 5/02/2013, 04:00h

Naked and Famous Denim SPRING/SUMMER 2013

Let’s take a look at the outstanding items that Canada’s denim nerds from Naked and Famous Denim  are supplying us this Spring and Summer … Expect some of the most unique and, well, entertaining models of jeans for this season! Expect as usual rare and raw Japanese Denim:

naked and famous denim spring summer 2013

Naked & Famous Weird Guy Thermochromic Selvedge

These crazy jeans are one of a kind! Naked and Famous Denim’s „Thermochromic Selvedge“ change colors with heat: from sky blue to white! A molecule inside the dyestuff reacts to heat and changes colors based on the temperature range. When the jeans increase in temperature due to body heat they change colors from blue to white – it makes the jeans look faded.  Don’t worry, the jeans change colors all over and not just in your “happy areas”. Red selvedge edges and pull-up leather patch. "Weird Guy" fit.

Naked & Famous Weird Guy Forest Green Selvedge

This is Naked and Famous Denim’s tribute to Styria! Okay, that you shouldn‘t take too seriously...
Great saturated green color fabric with cream color selvedge edges in 14oz denim. Rope dyed warp yarns means this denim will also fade incredibly. In short: Rigid, unique forest green dye coloured jeans that will fade beautifully. "Weird Guy" fit.

Naked & Famous Weird Guy Natural Indigo Organic Selvedge

The fabric features both organic cotton and organic natural dye. Using "real" natural indigo, leads to a fabric that is very streaky and the color of the warp yarns will not match. When rope dying using a natural indigo, even multiple dips will not get a consistent color, thus every denim will have slight variations in color and each denim will be different. The amazing color and the weight of only 13oz makes it perfect for Spring. This is a Naked and Famous Denim  limited one time production of only around 300 pairs  - this denim will sell out fast also because of its remarkably price point! "Weird Guy" fit.

Naked & Famous Slim Guy Lightweight Selvedge

It’s a 10oz lightweight rope-dyed indigo selvedge denim featuring a beautiful dark indigo color that will fade nicely. Same crisp and rigid hand of a heavier denim but lighter weight. This lightweight and breathable fabric is „made“ for once the temperatures rise or for anyone who wants the look of raw but with more comfort and ease of wear. Naked and Famous Denim’s „Slim Guy“ fit for summer time!

Naked & Famous Air Twill Slim Shirt

Super lightweight and breathable version of the Naked and Famous Denim  „Slim Shirt“ in 4oz Japanese twill fabric with an almost „silky“ handfeel. FEEL IT!

Naked & Famopus Red Oxford Slim Shirt

The well known Oxford fabric in an amazing red!

In Case you don’t know: Every pair of Naked & Famous Jeans  are proudly and ethically Made in Canada from imported Japanese fabric.