DENIM // 25/03/2014, 03:00h

Naked and Famous Denim SPRING/SUMMER 2014

As expected, Naked & Famous supplies us this Spring/Summer with another fantastic lineup packed full with their fabric innovations.

Naked and Famous Denim

... is definitely one of the most outstanding and innovative denim brands there are today. They have taken the age old tradition of making raw and selvedge denim to another level through their unique designs and fits. Their collection for this coming season is another case of their ingenuity and bold creativity especially regarding the fabrics.

naked and famous spring summer 2014

Here are our favorites that we’re proud to introduce:

Heavy Soft Selvedge . A heavy, 19oz denim that is very soft and comfortable on the inside and will fade incredibly. This heavy 19oz selvedge denim employs a trick to achieve both a heavy weight and soft feel. Naked & Famous Denim double the size of the supple un-dyed weft (inside) yarns which makes the jeans feel nice and cottony soft inside, but also give the fabric a nice heavy weight. 1/4" thick American Bison leather patch. Even better, when you see them in person. Exposed coin pocket selvedge.
Available in the NEW Slim Guy   fit.

Green Weft Selvedge.  Indigo warp with a green weft that creates a cool sea foam color on the surface. Yet another denim to add to Naked & Famous' colored wefts collection! Flip the cuff to show it off! After "Red Weft" and "Blue Weft" the third model with a colored weft...
Available in Weird Guy .

Left Hand Twill Selvedge . It is said that Left Hand Twill (LHT) denim is softer than RHT denim. This is due to both the yarn twist and fabric twill direction...Most denim uses yarn that is twisted in the Z-twist method. This is a counterclockwise twist, which loosens in the clockwise (right) direction - the warp gets overlapped thus creating a rough feel. But, LHT denim pulls the fabric to the left, and so the warp lines up in order, which creates a softer hand feel and cleaner appearance. Indeed it’s not a new fabric from Naked & Famous but one we love. We already stocked it in the Skinny Guy fit.
Now available in Weird Guy .

Griffin Chino.  Their well known 5 pocket selvedge chino with a red line selvedge. Great new colour and a smooth texture which makes it very comfortable. It is an even more beautiful color in person.
Available in Weird Guy .

Deep Indigo Stretch Selvedge.  Very soft and comfy 11.5oz fabric that is stretchy while retaining the selvedge detail and strong contrast fading: get a piece of both worlds! It also features an exposed coin pocket selvedge.
Available in their new Super Skinny Guy   fit (slim fit throughout that tapers heavily from the knee down with a medium rise).

Women’s Lightweight Black Stretch . Super stretchy and comfy! "The High Skinny " is a high rise skinny jean that slims through the thigh and tapers down to a small leg opening, 8oz.

Women’s Stretch Selvedge.  Selvedge denim with stretch for girls! "The Straight " is a simple straight leg jean, slim through the thigh with a small leg opening and a medium rise, 12oz.

Shirting.  The new patterns that we're getting this season look pretty awesome. The Naked & Famous shirting just exceeds itself every season, these being some of the coolest patterns at an amazing price point. The shirts are lightweight fabrics that will be both comfortable and eye catching for the sunny days:

  • Kimono Print  „Waves“ and „Chon“. They are made from a 6oz fabric with cool, vintage kimono patterns. Beautiful, season-less patterns in the Regular Shirt  fit.
  • Gauze Stripes + Dots  in „Blue/Green“ and „Red/White/Blue“. Available in the Regular Shirt  fit.
  • Air Twill  „Cream“ and „Charcoal“ longsleeved and „Pale Grey“ in a shortsleeved version. The highly anticipated Air Twill fabric is back in new colorways. This fabric is a super lightweight and breathable 4oz Japanese twill fabric. Just perfect for hot summers…all available in the Regular Shirt  fit.