Edwin Jeans

Edwin Jeans. Born in Japan in 1947.

Edwin is one of Japan's first denim brands ever. Authentic and innovative, priding itself on craftsmanship. We @ offer a huge range of Edwin Jeans featuring heritage styles like the Edwin Nashville  or Edwin ED-47 Rainbow Selvage , modern cuts like Edwin ED-55  as well as Japan made premium Selvedge Jeans - like one of our favorite Edwin Jeans - the Edwin SEN Selvage  cut in different versions.

Following the Second World War, the American occupation forces remaining in Japan helped to introduce denim „jeans“ culture, which would become a global cultural phenomenon. In 1947, Tsunemi Yonehachi Shoten was established as a U.S. Military Surplus clothing store in Tokyo. The store was a family business and was to be the starting point for the Edwin Jeans  brand, as we know it today.

After many years of dedication, Shuji Tsunemi, the son of the founders was passed ownership in 1961. He had an acute understanding for the power of denim culture and recognised the opportunity for importing used, five pocket denims from the U.S. That year the Tokyo store changed its name to EDWIN (using the letters from the word DENIM, and flipping the M to a W).

Edwin Jeans as pioneering denim company claims to have started the stonewashed process in the 1980s and being one of the first companies to use ring-spun fabrics.

Edwin Jeans offers a collection of pieces, both in denim and ready to wear, encompassing the inspiration upon which the brand was founded.

Browse through the whole range of Edwin Denim  available including shirts, sweats, jackets and more!

Traceability system by Edwin Denim : Through the production process this system can prove that no harmful substances have been used and also that the environment for the manufacturing staff is safe and humans right are ensured.

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