Japan Blue - Model JBCD0563 Cote d’Ivoire Cotton Standard

€ 180
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Japan Blue  Standard (NEW FIT!): high rise, wide hip, wide thigh, slightly tapered, wide leg opening, zip fly
13.5oz  100% Cote d’Ivoire Cotton  Selvedge Denim

In celebration of unity between Japan and the West African country of Cote d’Ivoire, Japan Blue Jeans have collaborated with the Ivory Coast to create a special pair of jeans. JBJ and Cote d’Ivoire wanted to keep the jeans simple, stripping away details that might detract from the jeans’ unifying elements.

Harvested and hand-picked in the Ivory Coast, the cotton used for these jeans has very long staples, which gives the denim a unique texture. Because the cotton has been harvested and picked without the use of machines, the cotton comes in a form that is much closer to its natural and original state. The leather patch is made of a supple cowhide which displays the JBJ logo and also reads ‘100% Cote d’Ivoire Cotton’.

On the inside of the jean, you’ll find that the pocket bags have been screen-printed with silhouettes of Japan and Africa. The left details the characteristics of Cote d’Ivoire cotton while the right details the characteristics of the Japanese production. The selvedge is the most apparent display of unity and contains the colors for both the Japanese and Cote d’Ivoire national flags.

Since both Ivorian civil wars, Cote d’Ivoire has struggled to rebuild. In 2006, JBJ began a charity program to help in the revitalization. Through this smaller collaboration, Japan Blue Jeans will donate 1% of all sales to the Embassy of Cote d’Ivoire in an effort to help in progressing the development of the Ivory Coast, especially their cotton industry.


This denim collaboration is one for the history books. Not only are the collaborating parties a private company and a nation state, it also has a higher goal than simply making great jeans; 1% of all sales turnover will be donated to Côte d’Ivoire and its cotton farmers.

Japan Blue, the brand from the people behind Momotaro that aims to bring a value-for-money offering, showcased this very special jean that will see the hard-tried Côte d’Ivoirean farmers relieved with a bit of cash injection. The styling of the jeans is minimalistic, as we have come to know Japan Blue garments, and the fit is the best-selling Tapered. A unique feature of the jeans is the colour of the selvedge edges. One side has the yellow, white, and green colours of the Côte d’Ivoirean flag while the other has the classic redline, which conveniently has the colours of the Japanese flag.

The quality of the denim reflects the rich texture of Côte d’Ivoire’s cotton, which is hand-picked without the use of any harvesting machinery. As Japan Blue write in the press release, this cotton is:  “sometimes referred to as the ‘purest’ cotton.”

This isn’t, in fact, the first time the Japan Blue Group send charity to Côte d’Ivoire. Back in 2006, the company sent a chunk of money to the West African country to help revitalise Cote d’Ivoire’s cotton industry, which had suffered from civil war. Pick up a pair to give something back to the people that work hard to provide you with quality denim.


Made by hand without compromise in Okayama.

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100% cotton

Inseam: 35"



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