Momotaro Jeans 0305-C Copper Label Old Blue Tight Tapered

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Lot No. 0305-C (14.7oz) Old Blue

Momotaro's new "Tight Tapered" fit is a very slim and modern tapered fit with a medium/low rise, slim thighs, and a very strong taper throughout the leg. This model features a new patch: dark brown soft suede, with the traditional Momotaro brand. You can see the colorful weft poking through the warp: the dark indigo denim gives hits of its bright weft through the surface of the fabric. The hue that it creates is extremely unique.

The high quality Zimbabwe cotton is of featuring a very soft hand feel. Therefore it doesn’t feel like wearing a 14.7oz heavy weight denim. It is once washed by Marin essence - same as "SETO-SEA" water, which contains a lot of minerals.
Old blue is inspired from the first jeans produced in Japan, 1970′s. It is rope-dyed with the MOMOTARO JEANS  original color.

This model has stitches in the form of a peach (illustrating MOMOTARO, the „Peach-Boy“) on the right back pocket. The upper thread is made of 100% cotton. Its color will fade gradually like vintage jeans. To use 100% cotton thread, the person needs to be a great artisan. Additionally they use vintage sewing machines from "Union Special". The fabric used for the lining of pockets sleek and inside of back yoke are dyed with natural real indigo.

Denim, button, rivet and patch … all details are MOMOTARO JEANS  original.



100% Zimbabwe Cotton (Selvedge Fabric)

... raised by the grace of Mother Africa and recognized as the best quality cotton in the world. It is harvested by hand, therefore it doesn’t get any damage and mixed with less impurity. For that reason, Zimbabwe cotton has many characters which is provided by well-proportioned fiber structure, such as a high luster and whitening, also good pliability and dyeing. Basically, in order to make a good quality jeans, it is a important to use long staple and less jointed original cotton fiber. Momotaro picks up 100% original Zimbabwe Cotton to deliver sensitive detail abrasion - different to ordinary heavy oz denim. (MOMOTARO JEANS quote)



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