Momotaro Jeans 0306-SP Going To Battle Tight Tapered

€ 270
 (inkl. 20% VAT)

Lot No. 0306-SP (15.7oz) Vintage Label denim fabric

The advanced "Tight Tapered" fit from Momotaro is a very slim and modern tapered fit with a little more room around the hips compared to the "old" 0305 fit. The waist is true to size, with a medium/low rise, slim thighs, and a very strong taper throughout the leg. The 0306-SP  is sewn using the brand's original sanforized 15.7oz Vintage Label fabric. Made entirely from Zimbabwe cotton, the stiff and rigid fabric is widely praised for its fading color and character, and features a smooth yet hairy surface.

All threads are made of 100% cotton. Its color will fade gradually like vintage jeans. To use a 100% cotton thread to sew, the person needs to be a great artisan. Additionally they use vintage sewing machines from "Union Special".

- "Going to Battle" stripes are a symbol of Japanese tradition representing honor, strength, and the flag carried by "Momotaro" in the original folklore story
- Pink selvedge, representing the peach from the "Momotaro" folklore story
- Pink inseam thread
- Custom branded Momotaro natural deer skin leather patch
- Custom engraved black iron buttons
- Filled belt loops
- Chain stitched hems and waistband
- 100% Copper custom engraved hidden back pocket rivets

Denim, button, rivet and patch … all details are MOMOTARO JEANS  original.


100% Zimbabwe Cotton (Selvedge Fabric)

... raised by the grace of Mother Africa and recognized as the best quality cotton in the world. It is harvested by hand, therefore it doesn’t get any damage and mixed with less impurity. For that reason, Zimbabwe cotton has many characters which is provided by well-proportioned fiber structure, such as a high luster and whitening, also good pliability and dyeing. Basically, in order to make a good quality jeans, it is a important to use long staple and less jointed original cotton fiber. Momotaro picks up 100% original Zimbabwe Cotton to deliver sensitive detail abrasion - different to ordinary heavy oz denim. (MOMOTARO JEANS quote)



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